Avyakt BapDada 15th March 2015

Constantly remember two terms: my Baba, sweet Baba.

Om shanti. The faces of all of you are smiling, and are celebrating a meeting with BapDada and one another with a smile. It shows on the faces of those here today that each one - at the front and at the back - after a long time, are celebrating a meeting with the eyes in the corporeal form. Each one’s mind is singing the song: “My Baba, sweet Baba, lovely Baba”.

So many souls are so happy on seeing the meeting of the Father and the children. Each one’s face is visible as a face filled with the happiness of a meeting. Whether you are close or far away, the zeal of the meeting in even the last ones is attracting BapDada towards themselves. From the Father’s lips, the words are emerging: Wah My children who are remembering Me in your heart; Wah! The children are in the Father’s heart, and Baba is in the children’s hearts. The wave of the meeting and of the happiness is visible in each one’s mind.

The Father is s
Avyakt BapDada 16th February 2015

Continue to move forward in service, and give zeal to everyone.

Om shanti. Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations to all the children everywhere on this day, whether you are here face-to-face in front of Baba, or at any other place. This day of congratulations is very lovely, and this personal meeting is taking place in the corporeal form in the drama as a special sign of love between the Father and the children. Therefore, first of all, congratulations, congratulations for the meeting, to those who are sitting in front of Baba.

This day especially is a significant day in the task of establishment in which the children have recognized the Father and the Father has recognized the children. The Father says “My children”, and the children say “My Baba!” Today, BapDada is congratulating each child - whether sitting in the front or at the back - for today’s personal meeting. Today, the fortune of celebrating a meeting is visible on each one’s face. The cheerful f
Avyakt BapDada 18th January 2015
Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations to all the living lamps! Each of you living lamps is lighting the world with your own sparkle. Each and every living lamp is sparkling the best of all. Seeing this, and seeing each lamp, BapDada is pleased. Wah lamps! Wah! If you want to see the true Diwali, you can see it amidst these living lamps. BapDada is also pleased on seeing each and every lamp. Wah! Each and every lamp, wah, because each one of you lamps is very much loved by the Father.

In such a big world, the Father is pleased to see you long-lost and now-found lamps, and He is singing a song in His heart. Each lamp is God’s beloved and is merged in His heart. The Father is personally seeing the true Deepmala (rosary of lights) and He is singing the song of “Wah! Wah!” in His heart for each lamp. The Father is seeing the speciality of each lamp, and all of you also continue to see it. The world is sparkling through you lamps, and each lamp, in his own light, is
Avyakt BapDada 25th December 2014
Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations filled with newness for the New Year! Seeing His intense effort-making children, BapDada is giving all of the children congratulations for newness in the New Year.

At the beginning of this New Year, every child will definitely have kept the aim of newness in their thoughts, words, relationships and connections in a practical way; and also kept newness for the year in their intellects. In your efforts, you will have brought your steps and your specialities into your intellects. All of you are moving along. The meaning of “effort” is that you take steps forward. BapDada saw that everyone will have taken the steps of having elevated thoughts to move ahead the most in their efforts.

Those who had the thought for themselves to move ahead, raise your hands! Those sitting at the back, if you had the thought raise your hands! The Confluence Age is the age for taking steps forward. So, you must definitely have created some means, or a me
Avyakt BapDada 30th November 2014
Today, seeing the gathering of the children, BapDada is pleased and His mind is saying “Wah children! Wah!” This meeting of the Father and the children is so lovely. Each child is celebrating a meeting with love and enthusiasm. This love enables you to forget all sorrow, in the Father’s love and relationship.

Wah, the meeting of the Father with the children! Wah! The Father is pleased to see the children, and the children are happy to see the Father. Each child is smiling, and the Father too is pleased to see the children - whether they are sitting near or far away. This meeting between the Father and the children is an alokik meeting. The Father is pleased to see each and every child, and the children are also pleased to see the Father in the corporeal form. This alokik meeting is so unique and lovely. In the majority, everyone’s faces are smiling; and BapDada, seeing each child everywhere, is singing the song in His mind: “Wah, sweet children! Wah!” The song of the chil
Avyakt BapDada 5th November 2014
(Note: the Hindu Dev Diwali – A Festival of lights of the gods - is celebrated a fortnight after the main Diwali - on 6th November 2014 this year. Dev Diwali falls on the night of a full moon, and thousands of deepaks are lit and put on the rivers in Benares, and the Devs - the deities - are also worshipped.)

Om shanti from Deepraj (The King of Deepaks) to all the living, lit deepaks everywhere. These living deepaks are so lovely. The memorial of all of you is being celebrated in the world, whereas you living deepaks are celebrating a meeting with Deepraj. Each deepak is sparkling in the remembrance of Deepraj. BapDada is also giving each deepak, lots and lots and lots of love and remembrance from his heart. Each deep (short for deepak) is very loving and one to be merged in the heart.

The light everywhere is such that it attracts the heart. What is emerging from each one’s heart? Wah! Wah! Wah! These living deepaks, whose memorial is being celebrated in the wor
Avyakt BapDada 12th October 2014
Many, many congratulations from the Father, Dilaram (Comforter of Hearts) Deepraj (King of Deepaks) , to each of the very very sweet and lovely deepaks; and lots of love from the heart. BapDada is merged in each one’s heart. Deepraj is merged in your hearts, is he not? Yes? Raise your hands. Each one’s heart is speaking while not speaking - what is it saying? You are the deep (deepak) children of Deepraj, and you deepaks will remain constantly lit. It is like that, is it not? If it is, then raise your hands! Wah deepaks of Deepraj! wah!

BapDada is very pleased to see each one of his deepak children, and his heart is repeatedly saying “Wah deep children, wah!” BapDada much loves every child - every Deepak - very much. Why are you so deeply loved? Is there anyone else in your heart? Dilaram Father. BapDada is seeing that only Dilaram is visible in each one’s heart. For Dilaram to reside in your heart reminds you of Deepawali. The very names are Dilaram and De
Avyakt BapDada 30th March 2014
Om shanti. Today, BapDada is seeing the images of love, and from each one’s face it is visible how much love each child has for BapDada in their heart. Whatever love the children have for BapDada, BapDada has even more love in his heart for each child. This love from the heart is making all of the children move along, according to their capacity.

BapDada is seeing that each child has lots and lots of love in his or her heart for both Bap and Dada. BapDada also has love in his heart for each child. The Father’s love and remembrance is merged in each one’s heart. This alokik love is enabling each one to move along. No matter where or how many children there are, the love in BapDada’s heart is making the children move along.

Each child is moving along, number-wise, with BapDada’s love and the love of the family. In the whole cycle, it is only now at the Confluence Age that you can experience this alokik love. Seeing the love in the heart of each child, BapDada is also giving
Avyakt BapDada 15th March 2014
Greetings of Holi to all the holy children. Today, each one of you holy children has come here to celebrate Holi with BapDada. So, BapDada is also giving all the holy children greetings for Holi. The Father and the children know just how lovely each child is. The Holiest Father is giving every child greetings of Holi with deep love. All of the children are the holy children of the Holiest Father.

On this day, every child knows their stage of becoming holy and of making others holy. The Father knows and you also know to what extent each of you children has become holy in your thoughts, words, deeds, relationships, and contacts, and to what extent you have become pure - because BapDada loves the holiest children very much. So, today, let each child accept congratulations for becoming the holiest. Every holy child is number-wise, but has a right to BapDada’s love. So, BapDada is giving each and every child from everywhere, whether from this land or abroad, congratulations with lots of
Avyakt BapDada 27th February 2014
Today, on the incarnation of Shiva - on Shiva Jayanti - congratulations, congratulations, congratulations to all the beloved children. Today, on this day, BapDada saw that - from the morning onwards - there was lots and lots of happiness in everyone’s heart for the memorial of the incarnation of God. This is because, together with the incarnation of the Father, you children have also taken divine birth.

So, you children are congratulating the Father, and BapDada is congratulating each one of you children one hundred-thousand-fold for your divine birth. In each one’s mind, all the memories of the Confluence Age from birth until now are merged in the heart.

Today, all of you have such happiness in your intellects about the incarnation of Shiva. The Father is also very very happy for the divine birth of the children. Wah, long-lost and now-found sweetest children! Wah! This is because - along with the Father - it is also the alokik, divine, and worthy-of-worship birth of you child
Avyakt BapDada 14th February 2014
Today, the Ocean of Love is giving each of you children everywhere lots and lots and lots of love. In the whole cycle, it is only at this time of the Confluence Age that you receive God’s love. People of the world call today the day of love (Valentine’s day) , but for you children, every day of the Confluence Age is a day to receive the Father’s love.

According to the memorial of this day, you children are in front of BapDada. However, all the children everywhere - whether abroad, or in the villages - are in the Father’s heart, and every child is the beloved of the Father’s heart. In fact, you children are worthy of God’s love at the Confluence Age; but according to the world today, today is a special day of love, and so BapDada is bringing in front of him all of the children from everywhere who are worthy of love, and he is giving each and every child unlimited love, love from the heart, love to fly constantly with zeal.

You are in front of Baba in the corporeal f
Avyakt BapDada 31st January 2014
Today’s gathering is visible as being loving and of those who are stable in the stage of being embodiments of remembrance. Zeal for world benefit is merged in each one’s mind. Whether you are in front of Baba or far away, the whole Brahmin family is merged in love of the heart. This love - the love of the meeting between the Supreme Soul and souls - is very lovely and unique.

Today, BapDada is seeing all of the children everywhere in their powerful form. Where there is power, waste automatically finishes there. The powerful Father and the powerful children: this powerful meeting between souls and the Supreme Soul is very lovely and unique, and this meeting only takes place at the Confluence Age. Only a handful of souls out of multi-millions experience this corporeal (sakar) meeting between the Supreme Soul and souls.

This meeting between the Supreme Soul and souls only takes place in the cycle now, at the Confluence Age. You are not just one-hundred-times fortunate souls,
Avyakt BapDada 18th January 2014
Today, remembrance of Father Brahma is especially merged in everyone’s mind. Today is a special memorial day of Father Brahma playing his part in the avyakt form from sakar. From amrit vela, BapDada saw that Father Brahma was specially merged in each child’s eyes and mind. Today is the day of the memorial of the day when Father Brahma became an instrument to play his part in the avyakt form.

There were very few children who celebrated a meeting with the Father in the sakar form. In their forehead is the awareness of Father Brahma’s activities, words and blessings. They were just a few, and now there is greater expansion, but even now he is giving sustenance through the avyakt form. While remembering Father Brahma, there were few who were inspired to play their parts with the sakar form, and they become his companions, but now all of you have become his companions. Although you didn’t see him in the sakar form, you are now taking sustenance from him through the avyakt form.
Avyakt BapDada 31st December 2013
BapDada is pleased to see all the children. The majority of all the children appear to be happy. BapDada is merged in each one’s heart. You children have arrived here in the plane of love, and BapDada is pleased to see the loving image of each child. Wah loving children! Wah!

Happiness is visibly sparkling on the forehead of each child. Seeing each happy child, the Father is also singing a song in his heart: Wah children! Wah! The sparkling dot - the soul - is visible on the forehead of each one. Dilaram - the Comforter of Hearts - is visible in each one’s heart. BapDada is pleased to see each and every child, and he is singing the song in his heart: Wah children! wah! Love is merged in the heart of each one.

Everyone has bid farewell to the old year, and has the New Year merged in their eyes. BapDada is asking: Have all of you imbibed one or another speciality today and renounced being ordinary? In the effort-making life, in the New Year, it is essential to have one or another
Avyakt BapDada 15th December 2013
(To the beloved children of the Beloved Avyakt Image Mother and Father BapDada - to all brothers and sisters, the decoration of the Brahmin clan in this land and abroad - please accept love-filled remembrance. All of you must have been sitting like chatrak birds at your own places, to especially invoke BapDada to come into the corporeal, and to celebrate an avyakt meeting with all of us. However, the destiny of the drama... From time to time, BapDada has been giving us a signal for us children to make our stage unshakeable and immovable - to be a resident of the subtle region, and to celebrate a meeting in the avyakt form. So, according to that, we are experiencing that today. Though Dadi Gulzar's health is fine, she was experiencing a lot of weakness in the body, and even then she kept courage and came in the midst of the gathering, and a song was played for BapDada's invocation as usual. However, after a short while, Dadi felt herself to be too weak to be able to invoke the Almigh ....(more)
Avyakt BapDada trance message 30th November 2013
( Today, 30th November 2013, nearly 15,000 brothers and sisters from UP and foreign lands have arrived in Shantivan for the avyakt meeting. According to what is fixed in the drama in the previous cycle, there was supposed to have been a meeting with Avyakt BapDada through the chariot of Dadi Gulzar in the corporeal form. However, after her operation, Dadiji is experiencing a lot of weakness and was therefore unable to come to Abu from Mumbai.

At 7pm, all the Dadis and senior brothers came onto the stage in front of the gathering, and, at this point, Dadi Gulzar offered bhog to BapDada in Mumbai. Everyone saw this whole scene through video conferencing. Then Dadi Gulzar shared BapDada’s message with everyone: )

Om shanti. Today, carrying everyone’s love and remembrance, I went to Baba in the subtle region. Baba was sitting on a gaddi in his room, and when I came in front of Baba, he celebrated a beautiful meeting with me with a sweet smile, and said:

Come, the garland
Avyakt BapDada trance message 18th November 2013
Today, at amrit vela, I went to BapDada, and - as always - BapDada was giving me drishti from a distance. I was taking that drishti, and while experiencing supersensuous joy, I came personally in front of Baba, and experienced deep love in the swing of Baba’s arms. After some time, Baba said:

My child who is seated on My heart-throne, what news have you brought today?

I smiled, and what did I see then? Just as the sakaash from the rays of the sun spreads everywhere, in the same way, the rays of all the powers of BapDada were falling on all of the children. The atmosphere around all of the children was becoming one of great happiness. For some time, even I become merged in the experience of that powerful stage.

After some time, Baba’s drishti fell on me and Baba smiled and said:
Avyakt BapDada 15th November 2013
Seeing all the happy children, BapDada is very pleased. Wah! my fortunate children, my happy children, wah! BapDada is merged in everyone’s heart. The fragrance of love is emerging from every child’s face. All the children are souls who remain constantly happy and prosperous. Seeing the smiling faces of each and every child, BapDada is pleased. Constantly smile in the same way, dance in happiness, and continue to move forward, and enable others to move forward. BapDada is seeing a sparkling star on the forehead of each child. Achcha.

Today, the attraction of all the children’s remembrance is reaching BapDada. You are constantly happy and will always remain happy. Whatever situation arises, hand it over to the Father and you will continue to smile. Achcha. In spite of the condition of the body, today, BapDada is celebrating a meeting because of the invocation of all the children. Achcha. Today, because of the condition of the body, it is a short meeting.

All the children everywh
Avyakt BapDada 24th October 2013
The Father is receiving each child's love. In response to love, BapDada is also giving every child multi-million-fold love. Each child is merged in love. Seeing the loving children, BapDada also repeatedly says in his heart: Wah children! Wah! (wonderful) . The Father feels lonely without the children, and the children feel very lonely without the Father.

Today, the Father's love is merged in the forehead of each child. The Father's heart says: Each child is "Wah, child!, Wah!" .

Today is the special day of a meeting for the double-foreign children. BapDada is pleased with the service abroad. The service in Bharat is no less, but, according to the present times, BapDada saw that the service abroad is also expanding very well. Very good children who were separated have come to claim their inheritance. Time is showing its scenes, but the children are moving ahead in their service, whether in this land or abroad. BapDada is pleased with the children's service, and, on seeing the re
Avyakt BapDada 5th April 2013
Today, the Master of all Treasures is pleased to see his children who are full of all treasures: "Wah children! Wah!" emerges from his heart. The sparkle of the attainment of treasures is sparkling on the face of each child. The sparkle of the fullness of the treasures is visible in the majority of children. BapDada is singing the praise of each and every child: Wah children! Wah! Speak! You are wonderful children, are you not?

The Father said and the children did. The Father says that the sparkle of being a master of the treasures should be visible on the face and forehead of each child. Seeing this on all the children who have a right to the treasures, BapDada is pleased, and so what song does he sing? "Wah children! Wah!" Just as today, there is the sparkle of the fullness of treasures on each one’s face, so it should always remain like this. For anyone who looks at you, your face should speak: you don’t need to say anything.

So, constantly check: Just as your face is sparkl